9 Key Features When It Comes to Our CBD-Infused Gum & Gummies

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a strong interest in making Tauri-Gum your CBD brand of choice. As you know, there are countless companies out there that are trying to get in on the CBD craze. While theoretically, this may sound like a good thing, it can actually make things more complicated for the consumer.

CBD is a relatively new industry, hence, there aren’t a ton of strict guidelines and regulations regarding how hemp products may be manufactured, packaged, sold and marketed. This means that consumers have to be extra careful when choosing a company from which to buy CBD, as not all CBD products are made with the same dedication to quality, purity, and effectiveness in mind.

Tauri-Gum ensures that you get the very best CBD that you possibly can, in super user-friendly forms. Our variety of CBD-infused gums and gummies continues to rise in popularity because we go above and beyond when formulating our products, sourcing our hemp, and ensuring that our CBD is thoroughly tested.

How We Stand Out from The Rest

If you can’t tell, we’re extremely proud of the products that we offer. There are many things that make Tauri-Gum CBD products unique from the majority of what’s out there today.  And, to ensure that you know why our products are so exceptional, we’ve broken down the key things that set our gums and gummies apart from what exists on the market.

#1: Lab-Tested, CO2-Extracted Hemp

Tauri-Gum contains some of the best hemp that money can buy.  For one thing, it’s extracted using the CO2 method, which is widely considered superior to other methods because of its ability to preserve the structure of the chemical compounds, while also preserving bioavailability and reducing the likelihood of impurities. This method involves running pressurized CO2 through the hemp plant material, which gently yet thoroughly isolates and lifts the desirable compounds from the hemp plant, turning them into an oily concentrate that’s rich in everything that you want out of hemp.

The hemp that we use is tested per batch by a third-party lab to ensure that it’s up to industry standards in terms of quality, potency and purity. Any trustworthy company has each batch of hemp extract tested by an unbiased party, as this allows them to prove to consumers that their hemp is legitimate, high in quality and free of impurities that can be potentially harmful, or damaging to the chemical structure of the compounds. We make our lab reports available to customers who wish to learn more about the details of the hemp that we use.

#2: Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

We know that many people are on specialized diets and must avoid certain ingredients. That’s why we made sure that our Tauri-Gum is gluten-free, vegan and kosher. It allows more people to enjoy it as part of their daily routine, regardless of their specialized dietary needs. Too many CBD companies use animal products and gluten to produce their formulas, and do not go out of their way to ensure that the formulas are kosher. This alienates a large portion of the population of people who wish to make CBD part of their daily routine. 

#3: As User-Friendly as it Gets

What could possibly be simpler than popping some gum into your mouth? When you use Tauri-Gum, getting your daily dose of quality hemp really is that easy. This means you don’t have to measure out dosage levels, use any equipment or use a delivery method that requires time and effort. 

#4: Easy to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

Because of its user-friendly nature, Tauri-Gum is extremely easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  No real effort is required, so you won’t have to figure out a way to squeeze it into your busy schedule.

#5: Perfectly Compliant

We went above and beyond to ensure that our CBD products consistently meet or exceed industry standards and are completely compliant with current guidelines and regulations.  Hemp is a growing industry, and so regulations and guidelines are always evolving to ensure that products are safe, legitimate, and high in quality. We’re always staying on top of these changes and ensuring that we apply them to every aspect of our manufacturing process. Our products are also manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that’s run by industry experts.

#6: Available in a Wide Range of Tasty Flavors

Of course, one of the most appealing things about Tauri-Gum is that it tastes great. Using natural flavors, we’ve made sure to offer an array of flavor options, so that you can truly savor each and every dose. From standard flavors like mint to unique fruity options, we have what your taste buds want.  Plus, the tastier the CBD product, the easier it’ll be for you to have it remain part of your daily regimen, which is important as daily use provides the most effective CBD experience overall.

#7: Free of Unnecessary Filler Ingredients

Sadly, a lot of CBD companies use cheap filler ingredients to plump out their formulas, at the expense of quality. Cheap fillers don’t do anything positive for your body, and in some cases, introduce impurities into the formula, or disrupt the chemical stability of the hemp itself. You can read through our list of ingredients to see for yourself that we keep our formulas simple, clean and free of additives that simply don’t need to be there.

#8: Can Be Enjoyed Anywhere, at Any Time

Our CBD-infused gum and gummies can be enjoyed no matter where you are, or what time it is.  While other methods require more discretion, CBD gum can be taken without drawing any kind of attention to yourself. Anywhere in which you can chew gum, you can get in your daily dose of hemp.  Simply pop in some gum whenever you feel like you could use a nice boost of hemp compounds to get you through a portion of your day.

#9: Refreshingly Affordable

One thing that we absolutely hate to see is CBD companies taking advantage of naïve beginners by charging ridiculous prices for their products. Now, CBD by nature is a bit pricey, and this is because of the enormous amount of plant material that goes into producing a single product made with hemp extract. But, we refuse to inflate our prices just to profit off of those who wish to develop a highly effective wellness routine. Therefore, you can trust that going with Tauri-Gum will allow you to maintain a CBD regimen within your budget.

Tauri-Gum’s Priorities are Simple and Straightforward

We recognize that hemp enthusiasts expect a certain level of quality, purity, and bioavailability, and so we put enormous effort into ensuring that we can not only meet but exceed those expectations.  If you’re ready to switch up your wellness routine, check out our CBD-infused gums and gummies in order to experience a natural way to consume hemp.

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