CBD Technology and Ingredients Coming Together

Tauri-Gum takes every aspect of making our hemp goods very seriously.  We recognize that in order for a CBD product to be safe, effective, and bioavailable, a company must maintain strict standards, use cutting-edge methods and only the best ingredients that money can buy.

We’re going to talk about the two key factors that make our CBD gums and gummies so exceptional compared to the majority that’s available on the market: technology and ingredients.  Within both of these fields, our company has gone above and beyond to ensure that our products are more than capable of helping you meet your wellness goals. 

Let’s examine them thoroughly.

The Technology

The first thing that we will discuss is the technology that we employ to produce our products.  Today, cutting-edge technology exists that directly benefits the hemp user by ensuring more bioavailability, more potency, more chemical stability and more effectiveness overall. 

Here’s a break down when it comes to the key technological methods that we utilize properly to ensure exceptional end results.

Cutting-Edge Extraction Techniques

In order to turn the hemp plant into a delicious gum or gummy, an extraction process is necessary.  This process simply involves taking the hemp plant material and running it through a particular process that effectively yet gently separates the plant from the compounds, so that the compounds can exist in the form of an oily concentrate.  Our extraction process uses the most up-to-date and thorough methods to ensure an end result that’s as clean, potent and stable as possible.  This makes an enormous difference in how capable the product is of satisfying your needs.

Patented Technology Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process is so unique and exceptional that we have a patent for it.  U.S. Patent #9,744,128 belongs to us, as we’ve carefully developed a means of producing products that ensures superiority in a multitude of ways.  This goes to show how much we genuinely care about producing the best CBD products that are available.

Superior Bioavailability for Better Compound Absorption, Faster Onset and Longer Activation

Our CBD gum products are highly unique in that they absorb through the oral mucosa.  This tissue absorbs compounds at a rapid pace, which means that these products allow for a more bioavailable experience.  In other words, using our CBD gum allows the compounds to absorb more fully and efficiently into the body, while absorbing more quickly and providing effects for a longer period of time as a result.

CBD Isolate

Our specialized process also involves producing CBD isolate from hemp extract, which is simply a concentrated form of CBD that’s free of other compounds that exist.  This means that when you use our products, you’re getting tons of pure CBD.  This also ensures that our products are completely free of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

The Ingredients

Now, let’s move onto our unique ingredients that make the final product what it is today.

Ingredient #1: Hemp Oil Extract (CBD)

Of course, the star of our gums and gummies is hemp oil extract – CBD isolate to be exact, as we said earlier.  Hemp oil extract being this high up in the list of ingredients means that there’s enough of it to provide a true CBD experience.

Ingredient #2: Gum Base

Our gum base is derived from natural and clean ingredients that ensure the perfect gum consistency.  You want the gum to be easily chewable, without breaking down too early.  Our gum can be enjoyed for a long period of time if you wish.

Ingredient #3: Maltitol

Maltitol is a carbohydrate that operates as a sugar alcohol, without being either a sugar or an alcohol.  It naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables, while also low-glycemic.  In fact, many keto-based sweets use maltitol as the source of sweetness.

Ingredient #4: Sorbitol

Sorbitol is another sugar alcohol that provides sweetness without actually operating as a sugar or an alcohol in the body.

Ingredient #5: Xylitol

Xylitol is a sweetener that does not actually absorb into the body as a sugar.  It increases the flavor of the product without raising blood sugar levels, or giving the body unnecessary calories.

Ingredient #6: Isomalt

Isomalt is another sugar substitute that does not affect blood sugar levels.

Ingredient #7: Natural Flavors

Natural flavors are flavors that are derived from natural sources.  We use natural flavors for two reasons: they’re higher in quality, and they taste better.  This means that when you consume our fruit flavors and our mint flavor, you’re enjoying plant extracts, which is why they taste so uniquely fresh.

Ingredient #8: Vegetarian Magnesium Stearate

Vegetarian magnesium stearate is a natural, plant-derived ingredient that helps emulsify all of the ingredients together to ensure a homogenized and consistent end product.

Ingredient #9: Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide is a natural compound made from a combination of oxygen and silica, which occurs in the earth. 

Ingredient #10; Stevia

Stevia is a plant that has a sweet taste and does not increase blood sugar levels.

Ingredient #11: Hemp Oil or Sunflower Oil

Some of our products contain either hemp oil or sunflower oil to ensure the perfect consistency.  Both of these oils are completely natural and plant-based and are known as “healthy fats.”

We Do Everything Possible to Make Your CBD Experience Worthwhile

From the technological methods that we use to the way in which we source our ingredients, we aim to exceed industry standards to produce a product that’s objectively superior to what you’ll commonly come across when you go shopping for hemp goods.  Now that you know about how much these factors matter, it is time to experience the Tauri-Gum difference for yourself.

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