Tauri CBD Skin Restorative Salve

Tauri CBD Skin Restorative Salve Tauri CBD Skin Restorative Salve

Tauri CBD Skin Restorative Salve

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Taurigum's CBD Extracts are made from organically cultivated, virgin female hemp flowers using extraction techniques that maximize the quantity and complexity of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Our extracts are diluted with organic medium chain triglycerides (MCT) to achieve the desired dosage of CBD per mL. Taurigum uses organic MCT because it is widely regarded as one of the best methods of digesting CBD. Each completed batch is third-party tested to ensure the accuracy of the label showing its cannabinoid and terpene content, and to ensure the absence of pesticides, solvents, microbes and heavy metals.

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Product Testimonials

The Best of Tauri CBD

Improve Your Sleep
One of typical benefits reported by our customers is better sleep.
Soothe Your Stress
Another, and a general benefit of CBD, is reduced anxiety & tension.
Reduce Inflammation
Finally, Tauri’s extra-strength CBD often provides a light reduction of discomforts.

Active Ingredients

CBD Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum CBD is stronger and can provide more relief than CBD isolate.

How to Take

CBD works similar to vitamins, and effects are not necessarily felt immediately. If if this is your first time, it will take your body at least 3 days to feel an effect.
If you are a beginner, take 1-2 pieces of gum or gummies and see how you feel before taking more the next day. The positive effects of CBD really take hold once it is being taken daily for at least 3 days consecutively.
Effects can last a few hours and sometimes can make you feel relaxed and sometimes a bit sleepy. Take it easy and lean into the calmness.