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  • Lab-quality CBD
  • Fun Tasty Flavors
  • Easy on the go

Solve With CBD

CBD & other Hemp derivatives are renowned for its calming effects
Get a good night sleep so you can take on tomorrow
Soothe & Restore to your ideal self
Uplift your mood with nature's medicine

Our products have been tested for foreign, unwanted materials
Kosher & Halal
Certified Kosher & Halal. 100% plant based
100% Natural
Straight from Nature, no artificial compounds
Delicious tasty CBD with premium flavors
Certified By Labs
All Tauri products are certified by labs in the U.S.
Our CBD products follow U.S. laws
Drug-Test Safe
Pass the test worry-free with all our CBD Isolate products
Feel good with a pick-me-up to take off the edge

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"These gummies are so good they’re dangerous! And as a side point, they help a lot with my tremors!"
"I am so excited about this gum. I have anti anxiety meds but save them for extreme cases so not to be dependant; I really needed something that I could take on a daily basis that isnt dangerous or addictive, but on which I can still be fully functional and work. This IS IT!"
"I love this gum! It keeps my anxiety in check and has a great flavor! I don’t leave home without it!!!!"
"I was blown away by the results. The gummies literally calmed me down and made me so much less anxious! Bonus- they also helped with back pain and sleeping."
"These products really take the edge off, I've been sleeping significantly better at night and awesome bonus - they've done wonders for my skin! Thank you <3"
"Can’t live without my gummies. I just have to keep ordering them because I’m afraid I’ll run out!! These are life savers!"
"Another fantastic product! Great tasting, all natural, and therapeutic. It improved my sleep quality and took away a lot of my aches and pains. It's a new permanent part of my daily life."
"The mint CBD gum is my absolute favorite! The flavor lasts and the cbd helps me chill out. I also take it before bed to help me sleep. I highly recommend!"
"I expected the gummies to feel "stronger" but I actually found the gum to be equally if not more relaxing."
"During quarantine, I've been trying to reinforce a healthy lifestyle and a stress free environment. Taking all this time Go has given us to recconect with nature, loved ones, and practicing self love. I hike a lot so this relieves all my anxiety, aches and pains!"