Understanding CBD Topicals vs. CBD Taken Orally

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We’re going to discuss the different ways of applying and using CBD to promote wellness in your life.The Tauri Lifestyle is all about utilizing natural ingredients to enhance our feelings of balance, health and fulfillment.

We hope to empower you to find ways to become one with nature and give your body well-deserved TLC through topical and edible THC-free CBD products, whether it’s our popular gums and gummies or our CBD bath and body products.

No matter which method you enjoy, quality and purity are vital. We offer a range of products that allows for all types of use, including oral, topical and even transdermal (another form of CBD absorption through your skin). But how do each of these methods work? Let’s have a look at this and explain the different methods of CBD consumption.

How Oral CBD Works

Using CBD chewing gum is a fantastic way to enjoy CBD. Many do enjoy taking CBD orally via oils and tinctures, but at Tauri-Gum, we have intentionally designed our products to reduce the potential mess that oils can cause. Our edible treats and gums are all crafted for your convenience, offering an easy way to enjoy CBD on the go with no fuss.

Also known as sublingual, taking your CBD by mouth allows for fast absorption and digestion. The CBD then works with your endocannabinoid system, binding your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Studies have shown that this may help to alleviate anxiety and stress, so you can find a better sense of calm throughout your day. 

Edible CBD products are also a fantastic way to invite flavor into your CBD, with products like our delicious CBD infused treats to brighten up your day. 

Our CBD treats are innovative and include a variety of awesome flavors. Are you a chocolate fan? Try out our tasty chocolate CBD infused coins. They, like all our other CBD products, are plant-based (other than honey) and are suitable for vegans

person using topical cream on skin

How Topical CBD works

Topical use of CBD is becoming incredibly popular. It allows you to enjoy the potentially soothing effects for dry skin, tired or sore muscles, and more. In understanding topical vs. oral CBD uses, this method of using CBD is essentially absorbing CBD through your skin and not your digestive system. It’s as simple as applying your CBD oil or cream to your skin. It’s a gentle and relaxing way to enjoy CBD. Topically applying CBD products also offers a more sensory experience, with gentle scents, natural oils, and other ingredients designed to create a spa-like experience at home, whether it’s in our bath bombs, lotions, or body rubs.

There are many different types of topical CBD treatments, such as:

Applying topical CBD moisturizer to the face

Our products also introduce other ingredients that promote natural healing and invigoration, such as citrus and coconut oil. We also use aromatherapy though soothing scents that makes our CBD collagen face masks more sensual and indulgent to use. We incorporate scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom, sweet agave nectar, and Moroccan rose. 

Each CBD topical treatment works to moisturize, restore and rejuvenate your skin to help restore your natural glow. Topical CBD lotions, face masks, and creams promote elasticity and skin regeneration. Our CBD bath and body products are designed for all skin types.

We also hand make our CBD infused bath bombs with an environmentally friendly process in small batches which helps us give you only the best quality. You can drop these in your bath and enjoy the effects of a topical treatment as you absorb the CBD through your skin. 

Transdermal vs. Topical CBD

Topical CBD bath and body products are very similar to transdermal treatments, as both methods are using your skin as a way of letting the CBD enter your body. However, products like our transdermal CBD patches use exclusive nano-emulsification technology. Unlike topical treatments that soak into your skin, transdermal CBD uses this sophisticated technology to slow-release CBD into your skin at a steady rate over a couple of hours. You’re able to enjoy the effects of your CBD for a longer period of time.

Crafted by our friends at Uncle Bud’s with their proprietary blend of organic hemp seed oil, hydrogel, and other naturally derived ingredients, our CBD Transdermal Patches are medical grade. They’re a great way for you to experience fast-acting effects and 48-hour extended release. 

Which CBD product to choose?

When it comes to CBD topical vs. oral treatments, you need to find the one that works best for you. Try them out and find out which method is better for your lifestyle. We provide many different products for all types of people and we look forward to inviting you to join our community. Join our Tauri Lifestyle community when you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know about new product releases, promotions, and more!

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