Collection: CBD Infused Treats

Who said nutritious couldn’t be delicious? These infused treats are formulated with clean, delicious ingredients and powerful cannabinoids extracted from hemp. All of our products are certified kosher and halal, gluten-free, and plant-based (with the exception of our CBD honey). There’s no easier way to incorporate beneficial supplements into your lifestyle than edible THC-free CBD treats! 

Vegan, Halal & Kosher Edible CBD Treat Options

No matter your dietary requirements or lifestyle, you can find a CBD infused treat at Tauri-Gum that suits you. All of our edible CBD treats are certified kosher by Star-K and certified halal by Etimad. 

We want to make our CBD sweets accessible for as many people as possible. That means we strive to keep all our infused treats free from common allergens, including gluten. We also ensure all our products are vegan and plant-based, with the only exception being our honey. 

Lab Tested for High Quality

We know how complex navigating the ins and outs of CBD products can be in an increasingly saturated market, and we take quality very seriously! Every infused treat at Tauri-Gum is thoroughly tested for purity and potency by an accredited facility. You can read all of our Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for yourself to see if the product perfectly aligns with your dietary standards and expectations.

We’re confident you’ll love our CBD sweets. If you’re not perfectly satisfied with your order, we allow money-back returns, no questions asked. At Tauri-Gum, we have such a high standard of quality that your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Ultimately, our goal is for these tasty edible CBD treats to balance your body and mind and help you achieve your highest possible level of wellness. Become one with nature with Tauri-Gum!